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Overview of vehicle data.

‘My Volkswagen’ shows you the most important information about your car, such as the mileage, first registration, pending service intervals, current warning signs and lights and the appropriate explanations and recommendations for action. Use ‘My Tyres’ to add your car’s tyres to the app and state the type of tyre. Then you can call up the tyre in the app and enter the manufacturer, mileage and date of manufacture and make an appointment for changing them on time.

All the information
about your Volkswagen

Registration number
Battery voltage
Tank level
Vehicle details
First registration
Main inspection

Overview of the most important Volkswagen vehicle data in the app.

Keep track on when, where and how much you have filled up, how much it costs and what your monthly fuel expenses are.

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Compare yourself with other drivers and collect points. Activate further challenges to get trophies.

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Parking Space

Where did I park? With We Connect Gos vehicle location feature finding your car is easy.

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Electronic logbook with free export function.

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We Connect Go Contact

1800 102 0909

International for free. 
24 hours Service.
The costs are according to your provider. Calls from foreign countries may be more expensive.

The vehicle identification number

What is a VIN?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit code that can be used to identify your vehicle. You can locate your VIN in the vehicle log book, vehicle registration certificate, or in the lower area of your windscreen.

Vehicle registration

Certificate of Admission


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