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Improve your driving style.

Your driving style evaluation: 
Drive more efficiently and save fuel at the same time. Your driving style will be examined more precisely here: acceleration, braking behaviour, speed, RPM and coolant temperature will be recorded and summarised for you at a glance in a graph.


All the information on
your trips

Engine speed

Arrive relaxed and collect points for efficient driving behaviour - it’s easy with the We Connect Go app.

Your bonus: more efficiency

Collect points for driving particularly efficiently and improve your driving style by using suggestions in the app. You will get the appropriate tips according to each category.

From Bronze to Gold


Score shows you the level you have already reached. The score is shown in bronze, silver, gold and platinum.


View ‘Your Successful Challenges‘ with Trophies section.


History gives you an overview of the points you have already scored in the individual challenges.

Improve your score for efficient driving, save costs doing so and increase your driving fun.

Discover additional app features

Fuel Monitor

Automatic recognition of refuelling and overview and evaluation of your fuel costs.

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Breakdown and assistance

Call breakdown assistance or customer service directly from the app and share your location.

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Compare yourself with other drivers and collect points. Activate further challenges to get trophies.

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We Connect Go Contact

1800 102 0909

International for free. 
24 hours Service.
The costs are according to your provider. Calls from foreign countries may be more expensive.

The vehicle identification number

What is a VIN?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit code that can be used to identify your vehicle. You can locate your VIN in the vehicle log book, vehicle registration certificate, or in the lower area of your windscreen.

Vehicle registration

Certificate of Admission


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