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Manage your trips.

The Electronic logbook* in the app offers an export function and without running costs. Trips can be defined as private, business or commute.

Your digital logbook records all trips with start, destination, date, time, duration, distance and fuel costs per trip. In the Detail view you can analyse your driving style or display statistics on the number of miles driven, trip time and average speed. You can also state the purpose and classification of the trip and export all data conveniently in PDF format.

All information on
your trips


Your trips will be recorded with date and time.

Start and destination

Here you can look up how you reached your destination.


Mileage will be recorded precisely for departure and arrival.


You can see the distance between start and destination after you have finished your trip.


Fuel costs consumed during each trip are recorded here.

Type of trip

Allocate your trip to a category: private, commute or business.

You can export the date, time, duration, distance and costs of your trips conveniently in PDF format.

All trips can be defined as private, business or commute.

Discover additional app features


Compare yourself with other drivers and collect points. Activate further challenges to get trophies.

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Breakdown and assistance

Call breakdown assistance or customer service directly from the app and share your location.

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Parking Space

Where did I park? With We Connect Gos vehicle location feature finding your car is easy.

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We Connect Go Contact

00 800 444 999 50

Available around the clock.
Your provider does not support the telephone number?
Please call +49 5361 83 89 99 16

The costs are based on the relevant rate charged by your provider.
In the case of calls from abroad, roaming charges may apply.

The vehicle identification number

What is a VIN?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit code that can be used to identify your vehicle. You can locate your VIN in the vehicle log book, vehicle registration certificate, or in the lower area of your windscreen.

Vehicle registration

Certificate of Admission


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